Uncle Clayton

Jack Carlton Moore
{Sept. 14, 1914 - Dec. 28, 1999}

To most of You he was,
"The Lone Ranger","Clayton Moore."

But to Me He will always be
"Uncle Clayton."
You all came to know Him as
a hero of good against evil.
That was true of the man in his private life
as well as his public life.
He was a gentleman with strong morals and convictions.
I was moved to decent values by his strong influences
and ability to motivate all that is good in people.
He was born Jack Carlton Moore
in Chicago on Sept. 14, 1914.
He came to Hollywood in the late 1930s
to try his hand at acting.
While there he met a producer named,
Eddie Small.
Mr Small suggested he change his first name to 'Clayton.'
He started with work as an extra and bit parts.
Then He worked in movie serials
and a few dozen or so B movies.
Mostly as the bad guy.
Movies like
"Kit Carson" "International Lady" and "The Gay Amigo."
He was the leading man in the 1942 serial
"The Perils of Nyoka"Later Titled
"Nyoka and the Tigermen"
In 1949 he was chosen
from among 75 actors to become
"The Lone Ranger."
He finally found the perfect role.
He once said in an interview in Time.
"I came to Hollywood to play either a
policeman or a cowboy.
Playing 'The Lone Ranger' gives me the opportunity
to play both at the same time.
I like playing the good guy.
I'll wear the white hat for the rest of my life.
The Lone Ranger is a great character,
a great American.
Playing him made me a better person."
Being that good guy in the white hat is what
Uncle Clayton loved to share with his favorite fans.
The millions of children who came to love and respect him.
His broad smile and jovial voice
were a testiment to that love.
The legend will go on,
but Uncle Clayton will be sorely missed.
We Love You.
"Hi Yo Silver...AWAY!"


Question #1:
What was the name of the caretaker
of the Lone Ranger's Silver mine
and what was the name of the
actor who portrayed him?
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Question #2:
What modern day
crime fighter was the
great grand nephew
of the Lone Ranger?
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