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Uncle Clayton
All in the Family


Have You seen These?
This was taken at Uncle Clayton's house in Tarzana,CA.
That's Aunt Sally on the left,
and my mother is on the right.
Uncle Clayton is holding two autographed photos of himself.
The one on the left is of him sitting on Silver
waving farewell to whomever.
The one on the right is one of the characters
he loved to portray on the series.
That of the old geezer.
It was also my favorite.
He dressed up as the old geezer one Halloween.
He pleased many a child that night.
I've asked mom what happened to the photos.
She seems to think they were lost somehow.
A heart breaking thought.


Happy Birthday!
I've been able to find just this one photo of
Uncle Clayton's birthday party.
There are suppose to be many.
This photo was taken on Sept. 14, 1949. His 35th birthday.
The next day the first episode of the 'Lone Ranger'
went out over the TV air waves.
I'm sure this is correct because my dad still had hair,
and because it says so on page 121 of
'I Was That Masked Man.'
By the way, dad is the man with the screwdriver
mentioned on the same page.
Dad is the gentleman in the back row,
second from the right, in the black shirt.
Aunt Sally is to Uncle Clayton's left.
My mother is next to her.
She's the lady with the glasses.
Uncle Clayton's mother, Violet,
is the third lady from his right.
I'm sorry I never got a chance to meet her.
I understand she was a very nice lady.
In the back row, second gentleman from the left.
Is a man named, Sandy Sanders.
A 'B' movie cowboy.
He lived next door to us in Pacomia, Calif.
As a child I got to ride his horses now and then.
The rest of the people are friends and wives.



Nice Memories Indeed!
I'm sure alot of You have this photo.
It was Uncle Clayton's favorite,
as well as a big crowd pleaser.
I'm sure he must have signed millions of these
for all You good people out there.
There are others he used at public appreances.


Working the Crowds
Dad took this photo at the LA Coliseum in 1955.
The event that day was called,
"The Sheriff's Annual Championship Rodeo."
Of course You reconize Jay Silverheels, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
The gentleman in between Uncle Clayton and Mr Rogers
was the current Sheriff of Los Angeles, Mr Eugene W. Biscailuz.
Miss Rodeo America is the lady to the left of Ms Evans.
The complete photo is attached.
It includes the Rodeo Queen to the right of Ms Evans.
There is a different photo of that same day
on page 173 of Uncle Clayton's book.
It's a photo of 'The Lone Ranger',
Dale Evans, and Roy Rogers
on their horses.
You can also see Miss Rodeo America
next to Uncle Clayton.