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General Mills and The Lone Ranger
Mr Trendle and the studios wasted no time
utilizing the marketability of 'The Lone Ranger.'
This ad appeared in a publication titled,
"The American Weekly" on November 27, 1949.


Now Back To Your Local Station
I included this photo in the "Photo-Print" section
because it is printed on thin screening paper.
The gentleman I obtained this photo from,
told me this was a TV promotional sheet purchased
by local television stations for their use.
A man by the name of Leon
had Uncle Clayton sign it for him at a convention.
It's a unique shot of three other characters Uncle Clayton
portrayed in the TV series as well as the movies.
The southern gentleman Prof Horatio Tucker,
an army officer, and a swede.
The forth one you know well.
What makes it even more unique
is that Uncle Clayton included his initials
on all four of the characters.
The attached photo is a complete colorized sheet
with the Old Geezer and The Bandit Jose included.
"I love playing these characters.
It gives me a chance to act." 'Clayton Moore'


Personal Appearance Posters
These are posters that announced
Uncle Clayton's planned appearance.
My employment made it possible for me
to see Uncle Clayton throughout the country.
But I never looked for the posters,
just the large crowds.
I knew that's where I'd find Him.
Most crowds were very large.
Some larger than others.
The minute I found them to be larger than normal.
I would turn around and leave.
I knew that Uncle Clayton would see to it that everyone
in the crowd had a chance to talk to Him.
All of You were very important to Him and
He didn't want to disappoint anyone.
He gave these posters to Mom and Dad for keepsake.


Be a Hero with Value
That was the theme of this 1996 corporate pamphlet
used at a Tyson Food sales meeting.
They used a very famous hero to illustrate their point,
'The Lone Ranger.'
Of course whenever you mention
'The Lone Ranger.'
You immediately think of
'Clayton Moore.'
They are one and the same.
The attached photo is the flyer
that was included in the pamphlet.